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Camptastic Rentals - Camper Rentals in Minnesota and Wisconsin with supplies included. Rent directly from camper or rv owner. A stocked camper makes camping convenient and affordable.

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Camper Rentals MN and WI

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Name: *
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Phone: *
I am at least 25 years of age. *
Due to commercial rental insurance, we cannot rent to anyone under 25 years of age. Valid drivers license and copy of it is required for rental.
I am the same person who will be driving the RV or towing the RV: *
Dates RV Is Needed From: *
Dates RV Is Needed From:
Date I want to pick RV up
To: *
Date I will bring RV back
Please make sure you have looked at the calendar for availability.
Time requested for pick up by renter (or delivery by owner ): *
Time requested for pick up by renter (or delivery by owner ):
Pick up and drop off times are confirmed about a week prior to your reservation date. Owners do their best to honor pick up and drop off times, but if RV is returned or going out on the same day, times could change. The return time will need to be by 12:00 noon if going out same day.
Time requested for drop off by renter (or retrieval by owner): *
Time requested for drop off by renter (or retrieval by owner):
I have read the entire RV Page for the RV I am interested in and understand all the rental requirements.. *
The RV Page and FAQ pages have important information for you to know if you are thinking about renting a RV.
The vehicle I plan to tow with is: *
I know the towing capacity of my vehicle *
Please include the make and model of the vehicle that will tow the RV Also, please include the towing capacity. If not towing, write "Not Towing" in the box.
Towing Experience: *
Experience driving a motorized RV: *
RV experience: *
Please let us know about your RV experience. You don't need any! This information will allow us to serve you better.
I have an electric brake controller in my vehicle that will be used to pull RV. *
I understand the insurance requirements if I am towing a non-motorized RV or driving a motorized RV. *
Please see our FAQs for more information
I understand the insurance requirements for renting a motorized RV. You can find these at on the FAQ page. *
Provide name of campground or location and address as well as any other additional details of where you will be going with the RV.
Miles to Final Destination
Set up and delivery: *
Set up and delivery is an option if needed. Owners will provide a final quote.
I have checked my campsite to ensure that it can accomodate the size of the RV and slide outs (if applicable). *
My hookup situation includes: *
This is important information for you to know and understand to plan for your camping trip.
Water tank planning: *
How many people are staying in the RV? *
I plan to make final payment using: *
I heard about Camptastic Rentals from *
I have read and acknowledge Camptastic Rental's policy below: *
It is our policy to pursue all potential renters until open dates are booked, which means more than one person could become engaged in the booking process for the same dates on a particular RV. This policy has come about because many customers contact us who start the booking process but do not follow through. Your part in the booking process entails these actions: A) Fill out a rental application. B) Await approval from the owner C) Carefully read and agree to a contract (provided to you after approval) and put down the required deposit. We apologize for the inconvenience this policy may cause if a camper is booked to someone else while you are in the process of booking it. The chances of this happening are minimal if you do not delay to initial the contract and put down the deposit once you are given an invitation to book. It would be rare for deposits to come in simultaneously; should this occur, we will refund the deposit of each person except the one we choose to book with. We will also do our best to notify you immediately if a camper becomes unavailable while you are in the midst of booking it. Your satisfaction is important to us, and that is why we want you to be aware that there is no guarantee you will end up with a camper rental while you are still in the process of booking it. The point in time when you can be assured that it is booked in your name is after we receive your initialed contract and deposit AND have confirmed the booking with you.
• If cancellation is made at least 30 days before reservation date, 50% of your deposit will be withheld or $50, whichever amount is greater. • If cancellation is made at least 8 days, but fewer than 30 days, before reservation date, 75% of your deposit will be withheld. • If there is a no show or cancellation is made less than 8 days before reservation date, there will be no refund of your deposit. • One exception to the above is as follows: In situations where booking is more than 3 days before reservation date and cancellation is made no more than 48 hours from the time booking confirmation is sent, only $50 of your deposit will be withheld for a processing fee and the rest will be refunded. • In regards to early returns and/or unused miles: o There will be no refunds if Rental Unit is returned earlier than the anticipated return date. o There will be no refund for unused miles when driving a motorized RV